Everline Future 50: LoveSpace

The aim is nothing less than to do what Amazon did to bookshops and Ocado did to supermarket shopping.

Here?s the package (ho ho): LoveSpace collects your things from your door, stores them in its warehouse and returns them whenever and wherever you want them. You manage your account online. You can add photographs and inventories to boxes and call individual items back at any point.

Unlike traditional self-storage you can store from just one box at a time; you only pay for what you store; and you never need to leave your front door. Farewell, depressing visits and forlorn searches among identical boxes.

LoveSpace was founded by Brett Akker, co-founder of Streetcar. He applied the same rules of convenience, value, customer service and digital technology to storage.

The young company is notching up the wins:

  • 1,000 sign-ups;;
  • 1,000s of boxes looked after;
  • Net promoter score of 42; and
  • More than 90 per cent of customers would use the service again
With ?1m behind it, from investors Smedvig and First Risk Capital, LoveSpace is investing big-time in digital infrastructure, branding and state-of-the-art pricing algorithms. And, like all the best young companies, it?s aiming international. Initial targets will be New York, San Francisco, Paris and Berlin

And there?s even more to come, says Akker: ??Living a bigger life? is about more than just storage. We?re exploring more ways for people to make the most of their space and their stuff, including sharing, gifting, recycling and selling items.?

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