Everline Future 50: Loyalzoo

Wrong, say Loyalzoo founders Massimo Sirolla and Mark Ryan.

Loyalzoo offers independent retailers a loyalty app to replace traditional loyalty cards (cardboard and plastic). It allows any merchant to run their own loyalty programme on their customers? smartphones, and gives them the tools currently only available to the big brands, such as customer analytics, push promotions and social marketing. 

The objective, says Sirolla, is to get the merchant’s new (and existing) customers to become regulars and to encourage the trend to shop local.

The idea came from the founders? own wallets, chock-full of (often unused) loyalty cards, and the realisation that all big brands and chains are migrating them to apps. What about the independents, they thought.

?Local merchants are the lifeblood of an area,? says Sirolla, ?but they’ll never be able to compete against the large brands with all their technology and marketing investments. 

“The challenge was to create a loyalty app for independent retailers that is affordable, easy to use, and that will give them the technology they need to compete in this increasingly mobile society.?

There are over 200,000 independent retailers in the UK alone and, says Sirolla, within a couple of years traditional loyalty cards will disappear from our wallets. At ?37 per month (per shop), Loyalzoo offers an easy and affordable solution for any small retailer.

The founders also believe the Loyalzoo app will contribute to reviving local business, thus disrupting the trend towards gigantism in retail.

Next aim: to be the premium international offering. Mark this card.

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