Everline Future 50: Motoriety

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Appalled by the sheer hassle and opacity of all aspects of car ownership, founders Lucy Burnford and Olli Astley decided to develop one secure online space that would streamline car ownership for motorists.

The Motoriety platform automates all aspects of car admin, and enables owners to upload existing documents and import historical service records available. It will even create an “AUTObiography” for every vehicle, which can be transferred on to the next owner.

Up until now, says Burnford, “the automotive industry has been internally focused. The focus has been on the moment you buy and sell a car, not the period of ownership. Motoriety is the only platform to address the ownership period.”

If this young business gets the service proposition, marketing, technology platform, partnerships and consumer buy-in (yes, there are lots of challenges) right, the market is certainly huge: 34 million cars in the UK; UK households spend £108bn p.a on essential motor maintenance.

Time and again, in this era of disruption, early-stage businesses have shown up market complacency for what it is, and changed markets forever. Go for it, Motoriety, you’ve got wheels!

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