Everline Future 50: PrivateFly

Connecting customers with a global network of 7000+ accredited aircraft, it is a unique and disruptive model in its sector.

Launched in 2008 by husband-and-wife team Adam Twidell and Carol Cork, PrivateFly today can connect customers to a network of 7,000-plus aircraft.

Twidell is steeped in the airline industry, having served as an RAF and working with London City Airport. He saw inefficiencies in the fragmented private jet charter market (40% of aircraft fly empty, for example), yet kept being told that “no-one will book a private jet online?.

It was just the challenge an entrepreneur relishes.

The new generation of customer has indeed turned out to be cost-conscious and tech-savvy. Today PrivateFly is growing rapidly, currently forecasting to almost double last year?s ?4.4m turnover.

Having launched the world?s first private jet-pricing app in 2010, apps are generating six per cent of business. The firm scored its biggest app sale to date in 2013: a $500,000 multi-leg European flight from the Middle East.

The global private jet charter market is worth ?20bn p.a and is still fragmented. PrivateFly sees an opportunity to build a ?1bn global company. We like their ambition. Got your passport??

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