Everline Future 50: Realeyes

The flaw with this approach is that 90 per cent of decisions are made through the subconscious.

By measuring humans? emotional reactions to media, Realeyes creates unprecedented insights in to what drives real world consumer behaviour.

CEO Mihkel Jaatma started Realeyes during his studies at Oxford University in 2006. He?s delivered hundreds of biometric intelligence initiatives to clients, and has forged a reputation as a leader in webcam-based emotion measurement.

The outcome, of course, is that brands can now connect with people by creating genuinely better experiences.

This technology and data it?s generating is changing the face of consumer research, enabling media owners, content creators, marketers and retailers to meet that ultimate goal: engagement.

Realeyes is already working with Fortune 500 brands and big-hitters such as AOL and Ipsos.

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