Everline Future 50: Revector

Revector now aims to disrupt the ?mis-billing? market (which costs network operators more than $58bn annually according to Juniper Research) by providing a product that saves money at a fraction of the previous cost.

Here?s how it works.

Mobile network operators need to be able to ensure that their network is billing customer accurately. For example, if a call begins at 18.59 and ends at 19.30, it may cross between a daytime and evening tariff. It should be charged one minute at the daytime tariff and 30 minutes at the evening tariff.

Often, however, the mobile operators? infrastructure is unable to manage this time change, leading to undercharging or overcharging of customers. There are all sorts of other issues (data roaming agreements; unsent text messages) that can lead to billing errors.

Traditionally, operators have resolved this using mega-expensive (seven figure) hardware and software solutions. However, these can be unwieldy and slow to react.

Enter Revector’s Test Call Generator, VocalPony. Its software suite uses mobile handsets to accurately check call timings against billing records, assess accuracy of international billing, identify errors in network timing and generate receipt reports for messages.

VocalPony has been tested in 15 mobile operators and has already identified billing and timing errors that would save mobile network operators millions in lost revenue. Furthermore, because the suite is software-based, mobile operators can identify errors instantly and correct the network immediately, rather than having to run time-consuming reports through expensive computers.

The UK has long been a pioneer in the mobile space ? Vodafone is a rare example of a global technology giant hatched here. It?s encouraging to see companies such as Revector creating new products for the next generation of the mobile industry.

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