Everline Future 50: ServiceTick

His market disruption is to collect customer feedback at scale and deliver that information in real-time. While traditional market research techniques can take months to produce results (and only use relatively small customer samples), real-time feedback at volume is a compelling proposition.

Focused on call centres (the frontline of most service delivery) ServiceTick enables clients to learn how their customers feel about them in real-time and is now used to drive board-level service strategy. ServiceTick enables the most important person in any business process, the customer, to become the measure of effectiveness of the service delivered.

ServiceTick is, for example, providing data to drive change across financial services ? one of the UK?s most importance sectors that?s been beset by poor service scandals.

Says Goodings: ?business will double in the next 12 months with significant expansion in the UK and new international markets.? Tick, tick, tick?

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