Everline Future 50: Sign Solutions

InterpretersLive! will make all websites and companies accessible to the British sign language community. One click on the ?contact us? page brings a sign-language interpreter into vision who then immediately connects the call to the call centre and translates the call.

The service is available on iPad, PC and smartphone and can also be used in corporate reception areas to make deaf visitors welcome and provide instant communication.

There?s a significant drive to make websites legal and accessible to all. InterpretersLive! offers a managed service for companies that includes video clips in sign language for the website, e-learning training for the call handlers and IT, and a billing consultancy service.

Nicholson?s company aims to change and disrupt the interpreting market. Targets for the next financial year include a number of trusts in the NHS, the financial services and banking sector, and all council-provided services

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