Everline Future 50: Skimlinks

The firm, founded in 2008 by Alicia Navarro and co-founder Joe Stepniewski, was originally called Skimbits and offered a social decision-making tool.

Then, like Twitter, the new business pivoted, and now creates native monetisation solutions for online publishers, rewarding them for any e-commerce they drive by turning product links and product references into trackable affiliate links.

Publishers getting into affiliate marketing had traditionally needed to sign-up to merchant networks, apply to work with each retailer individually, and then manually add affiliate links to their content. By using Skimlinks, publishers can access thousands of merchant programmes instantly and watch as a single line of code affiliates all the relevant links in their content automatically. It?s the first product of its kind.

With a network of 18,000 merchants such as Amazon, Shopbop, and Ebay, including more than 45 of the top affiliate networks worldwide, Skimlinks is today live on more than 200,000 websites, including Gawker Media, Cond? Nast, Hearst UK, Huffington Post, Telegraph Media, and many more.

Skimlinks? ultimate aim is to evolve affiliate marketing into a mainstream ubiquitous revenue model. To further enhance its suite of products, Skimlinks recently acquired InvisibleHand, the pioneer and leader in product-matching services, retail data and real-time e-commerce pricing intelligence.

Last year, Skimlinks drove annual retail sales of over ?225m. The company sees four-plus billion page impressions, generating 300m clicks per month. Skimlinks has 70 employees in three continents, with offices in London, San Francisco and Tokyo.

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