Everline Future 50: The Mobile Vet

The Mobile Vet founder Daniel Forster had been pondering the idea for some time, and took the plunge last year.

Observing that the veterinary profession is heading down the road of large, franchised chains, and that traditional local practices were declining, his idea is a mobile veterinary service.

Forster?s venture turns the market on its head, giving him (and others?) a chance against the large corporate chains by focusing on providing a mobile service.

By offering convenience and personal service at no extra cost, the service has been a hit. The service helps the elderly/infirmed access veterinary care for their pets and, by removing the need for surgery trips, significantly reduces pets? stress levels.

The start-up challenges were non-trivial: researching, purchasing and converting a suitable vehicle; designing the internal vehicle plan; marketing, website design, legals, professional standards, sourcing and purchase of stock, specialist veterinary equipment, accounting, insurances etc etc.

The mobile veterinary surgery encompasses all features of a normal veterinary practice. Consultations are performed in owners? homes while further diagnostics, blood work, ultrasound, general anaesthetics for operations and dentistry are all performed in Forster?s bespoke-designed mobile operating theatre. Medicines are carried in the on-board pharmacy.

Customer reaction has been phenomenal. The Mobile Vet have reactivated clients who haven?t taken their pets to the vets for years. ?So we are invoking a positive influence on animal welfare,? says Forster

Who knows how far the Mobile Vets could travel??

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