Everline Future 50: The Social Ad Group

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Time to make “social advertising” pay.

The Social Ad Group produces a contextually-driven dynamic social advertising platform. It recognises words on a web page and pulls relevant social media comments from a pool of influencers and provides a price comparison service.

Its first application, Flutr, is designed for sports content, matching odds to the content while generating rich social content relevant to the sports content.

The platform is designed to appeal to both media owners and sellers.

For media owners, it takes relevant social media comments from a pool of established influencers to add richness to their pages. For sellers, it offers an ad format that outperforms the traditional banner.

The Social Ad Group is leading the challenge to traditional advertising models which, say the team, under-perform. In one week in November, 12,300 users viewed the Flutr widget and 795 of them clicked on it. This is a click-through rate of 6.5 per cent, compared to typical banners which get less than 0.5 per cent CTR. Hard to argue with that…

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