Everline Future 50: Virtual Huddle

And once your video-conference is over, where?s the single point of reference and record of the call? How can you review documents later, let alone jump into specific points in the video timeline? Who?s keeping the notes? Aaaagh. The future may be collaborative working, but the present is ultra complex.

Virtual Huddle is (try saying this when you?ve had one too many): the next-generation real-time on-demand collaboration platform.

Founded by Amir Kazmi, Ed Shnayder and Malcolm Clark, the young firm?s proposition is this: ?Virtual Huddle helps users do away with frantic note-writing during video conference calls and synchronizes all events to a video timeline all of which is safely stored in the cloud, with our collaboration tools the user can experienced the closest thing to a real meeting environment.?

There are other collaboration tools out there, but the focus on video-conferencing makes Virtual Huddle stand out. Next stop, it?s bringing its tools to the recruitment process: interview anywhere, anytime.

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