Everline Future 50: Yecco

Today, the young firm describes itself as a social network and advice centre that aims to bring the whole family closer together.

Yecco brings peace of mind to families, professionals and carers who can: enjoy contact with their families across the world; seek advice from those in a similar situation; share experiences and documents; manage calendars; build a network of care around a person; or simply play games or sharing photos and web chat.

Yecco CEO and founder Janet Jadavji, has a background in social care, and lectures around the world on Dementia and methods to improve the healthcare industry. As she has said: Families and carers need information on services and products in order to make their jobs easier, and a platform to help co-ordinate the care and support for a friend or family member. Families often hold the responsibility to care and support and look after someone else, but they need a structure, information and resources to do this.

With dementia rates, sadly, on the increase, we applaud this young firm determined to share best practice and support.

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