Everything the world’s biggest websites know about you

(3) Amazon

The basics:

Unlike FacebookAnd Google, Amazon doesn’t?really haveA stalker side. However, it’s fond of trying to get to know you better?” we’d say it’s an obsessive habit.

It’s a given that Amazon knows the last thing you bought. After all, it tracks everything you buy. This is a nifty trick as, much like other e-commerce sites, it wants to know your buying habits. It wants to offer you items that you may find interesting and doesn’t want you to have to search for them.

I’s also a fan of looking into the future. Using data based on customer activity, Amazon can serve you purchase recommendations in-keeping with your lifestyle. This means itcan notify you of sales and bargains on your favourite sites via adword advertising.

Amazon also probably knows your Payday?” aka the day you spend the most money. Itcan market to you based on the times you spend the most. Itcan use your buying habits to offer you sale items you may find of interest.

(4) Microsoft

The basics:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Where you work
  • Credit card information
The platform’s stalker side:

First of all, it knows how you speak. Skype is a part of Microsoft, so if you’ve ever made a Skype call it knows exactly what you sound like and the language being spoken. It canAlso gather voice data from its?own Cortana app on android phones.

It?uses this to detect the native tongue and serve you with appropriate ads in the relevant language.

Secondly, every time you open a file, Microsoft knows. When you open a file, Microsoft collect information about the file and the application used to open the file. Itcan track each time your files or applications crash and get to fixing errors super quick and improve performance.

Written by Romax‘s managing director, Robin Sumner.

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