Exclusive letter from Mark Prisk on UK manufacturing

After reading Real Business’s article asking where the government’s manufacturing strategy is, Business Minister Mark Prisk responds.?

Are you convinced by the minister’s defence of the government’s plans for manufacturing? Leave your comments below.

Letter from Mark Prisk, Minister for Business and Enterprise:

Dear Sir,

Your article about manufacturing asked about the government’s strategy. I’d like to respond.

We believe modern manufacturing is vital for a balanced, resilient economy, able to compete with both established and emerging economic giants. We do have a clear industrial strategy, which includes an overhaul and expansion of trade missions and exports, increased investment in major industrial schemes and rapid and sustained expansion of skills and apprenticeships.

Innovation is key, as British industry needs to make the research and development to keep ahead in product and process. By enhancing the R&D tax credit for SMEs, establishing a patent box and cutting headline corporation tax rates, we are actively improving the investment opportunities for business and industry.

The fact some ?4bn of private sector investment has been secured from the likes of Ford, Nissan, JLR and BMW is a vote of confidence in our plans.

However there is much more to do. That is why we are working to raise the profile and reputation of design, engineering and manufacturing here in the UK, so that we can recruit the next generation of engineers, designers and producers.

Our See Inside Manufacturing programme is opening up modern factories for young people to see what its all about. Our Make it in Great Britain campaign is a year-long programme designed to challenge outdated perceptions and showcase the best of British. Meanwhile, we have launched the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering to change for good the status of engineering here in the UK and in the eyes of the world.

So yes, we have a clear plan and a real passion for design, engineering and manufacturing here in the UK. I believe that by working with industry our engineering future can be as strong as our industrial heritage, and I look forward to working with your readers in that endeavour.

Mark Prisk

Minister for Business ? Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

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