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Exhibiting at trade fairs top tips

A trade fair is an investment. It can be a great way to generate new business and showcase why your company is the best.

But with so many of your competitors under the same roof, it can be difficult to stand out and be the one people remember. It’s hard but it’s not impossible.

Here are five tips on how to get noticed at the all-important trade fair.

1. Giveaways don’t work!

Have you ever bought a product because of a free pen” Neither have I. People are interested in business benefits, reliability and trustworthiness. These qualities can’t be bought with a pen or cuddly toy. Engage your customer with the things that really matter.

2. Lighting is essential

The next time you’re at a trade fair, take a look at the lighting used. So many stands are under lit and unseen. The right lighting attracts people’s eye, draws attention and most importantly it brings potential customers to your stand. Flashing lights, projected lighting, 3D holograms, whatever! Do something different with your lighting. Stand out and see the results.

3. The stand manager

Every trade fair stand needs a dictator, a strict disciplinarian who ensures that everything is being done to engage the customer. They?ll ensure that phones are switched off and that stand attendants are talking to potential customers, not each other. Primarily, they will ensure that the trade fair stand is always attended. Simply appointing a stand manager can make a dramatic difference to how your stand is run.

4. Sex it up

The object of the game is to make your trade fair stand as attractive as possible. Whether you use hot young models, exciting video, or a plate-spinning elephant, you need to make your space as interesting as possible. Large inflatables work really well as does loud music. Getting people’s attention is 90 per cent of the battle; the rest is up to your sales team.

5. Fortune favours the bold

If you really want to stand out at a trade fair, you need to do something bold or dramatic. We once used a mini-blimp that we flew around and dropped in front of people. It was very annoying but it worked. Don?t be afraid to be different. It’s the only way you?ll get attention and really stand out from your competitors.

Dominic Monkhouse is the managing director of server-hosting firm?PEER 1.


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