The most expensive corporate gift list you’ll ever find

Corporate gift spending has increased, with the bar raising in terms of prices paid?per client ? in your face Ebenezer Scrooge. When you combine that lovely fact with figures on UK wealth you get the below article unveiling some of the priciest items you could hope to give away?this winter.

Guy Salter of Walpole, cited in one of Barclays’ Wealth Maps, claimed ?despite economic uncertainty, the overall tidal mark of wealth will continue to rise in the UK?. And as the wealthy start to recover from the downturn, the millionaire population is spreading like wild fire: today there are 619,000 millionaires living in the UK, compared to 528,000 in 2008.

The wealth of the richest 62 people rose?by 45?per cent in five years, with Oxfam detailing how?the richest one per cent of Brits received more than a quarter of the ?4trn increase in national wealth since 2000.

The Guardian even explained how it had an impact on?the Sunday Times Rich List: “Plain old millionaires increasingly struggle to count themselves among the mega-rich, with a fortune of ?100m now required to make it into the top 1,000. That is ?15m higher than last year?s minimum.?


“The wealthiest 1,000 individuals and families now have a combined fortune of just over ?547bn ? or ?547m each on average. The figure has more than doubled since a total of just under ?250bn was recorded in 2005, despite the world economy being gripped by a punishing recession over much of the last decade.”

So maybe a corporate gift for such a client should?involve more than the regular coffee cup with company logo? We’ve got you covered ??it’s the start of December and Real Business is feeling festive.

As we work our way towards Christmas, we’re going to “count down” in an advent-like fashion with an expensive corporate gift idea to please your wealthy clients. Each day will reveal a new item on the list, so stay tuned! Let’s start off by taking a look behind door number one.

If you want to game in style then you’ll definitely love our first gift proposal.

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