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13 December ? Limbic Intelligent chair

What do you get when you cross a love of fast-paced cars with a passion for evoking emotion (aka working with the brain)? The LimbIC Intelligent chair, of course!


Its inventor, one doctor Patrik K?nzler, claims the chair has numerous benefits ? namely?that its good for your back and balance. This was initially tested on the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team, with Formula one drivers being said to suffer acutely from back pain.

Not only that, the chair stimulates the limbic areas of the brain, allowing for better focus and creativity.

?Our designers and engineers are inspired by this technology,? claimed Andreas Sigl, global director of Infiniti Formula One, at the time. This is because, in the words of K?nzler ?being in the Limbic chair enhances sensitivity to touch, balance and proprioception ? the body?s sense of its parts. The improvement lasts for some time after leaving the chair, thus helping drivers feel their cars better, at least at the beginning of the race.?

The chair is definitely not the preserve of Formula 1 racing though, so you could gift a client with an incredibly stimulating office experience.

Find out more about this racing inspired chair

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