The most expensive corporate gift list you’ll ever find

1 December – Gold Nintendo console

Game hardware maker Analogue has made a name for itself selling the Nt, a modern Nintendo Entertainment System created from a block of aluminum, which retails for $499.


Of the pricey product, Analogue owner Christopher Taber said in The Verge: We went through an incredible amount of effort to produce a product at this quality – we’ve always looked up to the standards of companies like Leica – and our ethos as a company is to be somewhat of a Leica of video game hardware.

“We think the Nt has achieved a remarkable level of quality – something never before seen in video games.”

The company has outdone itself though, with a new offering that would definitely catch the attention of your clients: a 24 carat gold Nintendo console – and it costs far more than the Nt.

If you’re interested in this exclusive console’s price tag, then continue here

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