The most expensive corporate gift list you’ll ever find

2 December – The Signature for Bentley 

This is one for the automobile enthusiasts out there. Inspired by the Bentley Mulsanne Speed, with its price-tag of £252,000, the Signature for Bentley has a carbonfibre pillow that shares the same weave as the car itself. It sports a Beluga Black calf leather rear as well.

Made by VertuVertu Bentley, which is in the business of creating luxury phones with a Made in Britain tag, the phone doesn’t disappoint in the customisation front either.

Apparently you get to create a Signature phone that is completely bespoke to your tastes – from choosing different leathers to embedding precious stones.

But if your client is a lover of the smartphone then this isn’t the gift you’re looking for. Its functions cover calls and text messaging – that’s it. It aims to look grand and give you the best experience possible though – setting you back a whopping £14,500.

Article on the Bentley phone in full

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