Experienced chairman provides guidance to Kashflow

Kashflow offers easy to understand accounting software. Jackson launched the company when he couldn’t find a package that made sense to business owners, not just accountants.

“The main problem I found with other software offerings was that there were a lot of terms, like journals and nominal codes, that didn’t seem to be written in English. They didn’t make sense," he says.

“When I read the training manuals, it all started to fall into place. But if you don’t use it for a week, you have to refer back to the manual and sometimes you can’t get out the required information.”

As it turns out, Jackson wasn’t the only business owner struggling with accounting software. Kashflow now employs seven people and is growing 500 per cent annually.

Overlooking the phenomenal growth is former Conservative Member of Parliament and Secretary for Trade and Industry Lord Young of Graffham. He first invested in Kashflow in January 2006 and was appointed chairman two years later.

“Lord Young used to be chairman of Cable & Wireless,” Jackson says. “I’d be much more uncomfortable with the company growing this fast without having him around.”

He quips: “It also helps that we’ve got good accounting software.”

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