Experiment becomes the business

Silobreaker is a news aggregator that looks at the data it finds like a person would. “What we are trying to tell everyone is that search needs to move on,” Mansson says. “The user interface needs to change and the user experience needs to change. We need to move away from keyword-based research to more graphical representations.”

Mansson says one of the toughest things he’s had to face while starting his company has the false starts. “You think you’ve got to do something one way and then you realise that it’s more suited for another way,” he says. “Perhaps the original thought was just too costly.”

Initially, he thought the idea behind Silobreaker would be best suited to a licensing business model. Mansson notes: “We started on that approach and then realised it was a very long sale cycle. People in the business may have loved what you showed them but the IT guys became the gatekeepers.

"We would have had to partner with big companies such as IBM or Capgemini and that’s not what we wanted to do. We also didn’t believe it’s the way technology is going to be sold in the future.”

The realisation that the initial model wasn’t going to work led the team to develop Silobreaker. “Silobreaker was the experiment that became the business,” Mansson says. “Going back and trying a different model was the biggest obstacle but it was also a blessing in disguise.

"We finally launched it in January this year and now we’re entirely in control of the offering ourselves.”

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