Exports are driving the recovery

Stepping out into the international marketplace is a bold move. Unfamiliar markets, customers with different value systems, complex regulation and long-distance logistics have the potential to throw up all manner of headaches, especially for small and medium businesses.

But the rewards can be immense, both to your business and the economy. Exporting opens new markets, increasing your potential customer base many times over. Some export pioneers even open up new trade routes for others, making previously inaccessible markets regular buyers of British goods and services.

Whilst Britain’s recent exports have been at their highest level since the recession, research shows that we are lagging behind our western European competitors and businesses are always in need of help and support to take their wares overseas. 

Over the next few weeks Real Business will be showcasing the best of Britain’s exports, interviewing successful exporters, examining the best marketplaces overseas and providing you with the key information and tips for moving into overseas markets. 

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