Face to face networking trumps online for working professionals

The report commissioned by Ernst & Young found that those at the earliest stages of career development hold the strongest attachment to in-person networking.

Nearly 70 per cent of those at an executive level are networking in person, compared to 36 per cent via social media platforms.

Face to face networking is followed by email with 44 per cent, social networks and telephone.

Liz Bingham, EY’s managing partner for talent in the UK and Ireland, said: “Networking is often put in a box and seen as a separate distinct activity, where business cards are exchanged and hands are shaken. Whereas in reality, it’s something we all do, every day, with our friends, colleagues, clients and acquaintances. 

“At its most basic level, networking is about forming and maintaining relationships and this is often best done face-to-face.”

The report also found that almost half of professionals do not feel they have the right connections to succeed in their career, with two out of five wishing to network more, but not finding enough time.

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