Facebook, Google, World of Warcraft: Learning from the greats on how to make your site addictive

In his research he found a pattern, which he aptly called ?the hook?. Eyal argued that products and sites that form habits create associations with an internal trigger ? a situation, routine, or an emotion. To sate this emotion, the user will perform certain tasks with little or no conscious thought. Such behaviour can also be instilled through their anticipation of a reward; something like brushing the play button on YouTube or scrolling on Pinterest.

That’s precisely what makes WoW so addictive as well. Each time you level up you gain access to new powers and weapons. You also get the bragging rights associated with being a high level player instead of a ?newbie?.

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Blizzard, the maker os WoW, constantly tweak the game. It expands the maps, releases new updates with access to different bosses and even how many levels are available to characters in the game.?

In much the same sense, you need to use innovative means to lure users back for more. One of the most common ways to bait consumers is by having regular competitions. The prize could be won by something as simple as leaving a certain amount of comments or mentioning your blog on Twitter. This is also one way of including your site into your users daily routine.

Or why not try the art of mystery. Start building up to something, even if its a few hints that you may be getting a new domain soon. Each time add more information over a span of a few months to leave them guessing and coming back to find out whether they were right. Everyone loves to solve a mystery.

Essentially, have a long-term reason for people to keep checking back on your site.
Plan your content and reveal it carefully

Another compelling factor about WoW is that you can only access certain areas of the map on different days. There are also dungeons which allow one person per time to step through, leaving others waiting at the opening for their turn.

The more they interact with your site, the more should be available to them.

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