Facebook: Women have power to create 10.1bn for UK economy by 2020

In partnership with Development Economics and YouGov, the social network revealed that there are 2.7m women one in ten who want to start their own enterprise.

And if just a fifth were given the support to embrace entrepreneurship, the economy would benefit from a 10.1bn boost, 340,000 new businesses and 425,000 new jobs by the end of 2020.

Poor self-belief is the main barrier, the study found. Stating the things preventing them from getting up and running, 37 per cent said not feeling ready, 25 per cent said lack of confidence and 24 per cent said they feel they miss the right business skills. The trend continues and reaches women in their 50s.

Nicola Mendelsohn, VP EMEA at Facebook, said: Theres nothing small about small business. They are an important part of the UK economy. We all know someone who runs one a family friend, neighbour, someone you went to school with but only a fifth are currently set up by women.

“Women make up half the population, they make effective business leaders and unbelievable entrepreneurs, so it’s shocking that more arent part of the UKs small business community today.

Alarmingly, 72 per cent of women said they couldnt identify a female role model operating in the field theyd like to enter. A common issue for many founders, 34 per cent of respondents said access to finance was a problem.

Of course, Facebook has been keen to drive businesses to its social network, as we experienced first-hand during its SME Bootcamp last year. The company has only continued to keep promoting its enterprise focus since then.

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The research from Facebook suggested that women are comfortable when it comes to embracing the social network for growing a community of customers, however women-owned SME pages on the platform grew 70 per cent between 2014 and 2015.

Based on what were seeing from the Facebook community, we believe we have an opportunity to help more women. So today were kick-starting an effort called SheMeansBusiness to help more women turn their great ideas into thriving businesses,” Mendelsohn continued.

“Were calling on all the brilliant friends, amazing mums, determined wives, and grandmothers with an idea to realise their potential and help inspire others to do the same.

To help get started, 56 per cent feel of women feel that more digital awareness would be the way forward. Of course, Real Business has spent the past several months working with Microsoft to highlight 30 traditional operations food, shoes, travel that have embraced tech for growth as part of the Digital Champions initiative.

Elsewhere, 41 per cent said skills workshops would be useful, 39 per cent believe guidance on bringing in customers is what they need to know and 35 per cent are looking for a support.

To get the job done, Facebook is working with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and the British Chambers of Commerce to support women in enterprise.

Sandra Dexter, national vice chair of the FSB, said: The world of business is changing. There is now a record number of UK smaller businesses and the self-employed, and at FSB we have seen more and more women set themselves up in business and join us.

Im delighted that FSB is working with Facebook on SheMeansBusiness, a campaign which will be a real boost for female entrepreneurship.

Heres one female entrepreneur who really means business, as shes creating opulence for royals, celebrities and billionaires with architecture.

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