Family firm shaves £50k off energy bills

Moody runs Jack Moody Ltd, a £16m-turnover family firm encompassing recycling, landscaping, plant hire and garden centres. “My father set up the company in the early sixties and I’ve worked there since I was old enough to walk,” he says.

Moody was concerned about the energy efficiency of the heating system at Hollybush Garden Centre, near Wolverhampton, so he applied to the Carbon Trust for an interest-free loan towards the cost of a biomass generator.

He was awarded £100k towards the total project cost of £450k, and reckons the project will help him save £48,370 and 431.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

The Carbon Trust has just announced that it has doubled the maximum size of its interest-free energy efficiency loans from £100,000 to £200,000 – and increased the overall loans pot by 45 per cent to £31m this year. Free handouts” Get on the blower.

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