Fancy creating an employee empowered culture Here’s how

(4) Well-being should be a top priority both in and out of the workplace

As a business focused on supporting future health outcomes, it’s no surprise weve heavily invested in the health and well-being of our employees. We provide a whole range of options to address occupational health, encourage healthy lifestyles and to support all colleagues with out of work responsibilities, through policies, programmes, benefits and ways of working.

And the demand for them speaks volumes about their importance: for example, almost a fifth of our “Danoners” take up some form of flexible working, while over 60 per cent participate in our many Health Matters initiatives, which range from nutritional advice for expectant parents to sports club grants.

It should go without saying that looking after personal and professional wellness should be at the core of every company. Not only is a more equitable work-life balance expected in todays workplace, but the benefits are cyclical; giving extra support to your employees is noticed and appreciated, and from my experience encourages employees to want to do well for both themselves, and for you.

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Companies should strive to provide a broad offering that accommodates different lifestyles, life events and employees of all ages and backgrounds.

Building a business around its employees is an ongoing process, and one that will inevitably evolve in line with the company’s performance; the more successful you become, the easier it becomes. But harnessing organisational culture to a core purpose and set of shared values will allow businesses to weather storms and deliver an enjoyable working environment for all, individually and collectively.

And what could be more important Empowered, passionate people are far more than just employees; they are the invaluable force behind business growth and success.

James Mayer is MD at Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition.

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