FDs are increasingly finding themselves in the IT department

A recent Real FD poll has found that, indeed, the unsteady pace of recovery has forced more FDs to spend at least half of their time on non-financial tasks.

They are being increasingly relied upon to assist in decision support operations.

So it’s perhaps not that shocking to find out that over 51 per cent have ventured out of their roles in finance to help grow the company, especially in SMEs.

And, when it comes to working in different departments, the answers have been quite varied.

Most FDs (40, out of 135 polled) found themselves working in the IT and telecoms department ‘more than half of the time.’?

This is closely followed by 30 of those polled, managing stakeholder relations.

30 FDs also found themselves in HR roles.

Some 20 FDs even find themselves managing property and facilities, 26-50 per cent of the time.

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