FDs’ influence is growing in the boardroom

There?s nothing like a good crisis to focus the mind on what really matters. And despite nearly half of the respondents to the FDs’ Satisfaction Survey saying they?re more optimistic about their business?s prospects this year, clearly their view on the economy as a whole ? overwhelmingly negative ? is shared around the boardroom.?

That much is obvious from the snapshot of the responses so far to the questions about the FD?s influence ? and the amount finance is being discussed round the boardroom table. Only three per cent of respondents say the FD?s influence has fallen over the past 12 months ? with 42 per cent claiming it?s grown.

And with 55 per cent of respondents telling us that the amount of time discussing finance has expanded, we can only conclude that the uncertain economic backdrop has helped FDs to raise their voice. The good news, of course, is that this voice is being heard.

Next month,?in association with ICAEW,?we?ll be promoting ?FDs Raise Their Voice? day ? publishing more of our findings from the ongoing Satisfaction Survey across social media platforms and in the press.?

We want as many FDs as possible to complete the survey ? and tell their peers about this fascinating study into FDs? views on the economy, their banks, their auditor and their other suppliers.

If you haven?t already, complete the survey here (it takes about five minutes) ? and encourage your fellow financial decision-makers to make their voice heard, not just in their own boardrooms, but across the UK.

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