FDs push for green agenda

Sam Williams, the FD at PR and communications consultancy Trimedia, says the company now develops “environmental champions”.

“They police people to make sure they’re not being wasteful.”

Carpet tile company Interface UK also has group of employees to tell their peers the benefits of the green initiatives being undertaken. The members of the group are called sustainability ambassadors.

Controller David Handscomb said: “The ambassadors receive additional training in sustainability and how Interface works with it. They spread the word internally, but also do talks externally. It’s to try to get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet.”

The Grass Roots Group has employed a corporate social responsibility manager to integrate and communicate the board’s environmental policies across the organisation.

FD Mike Sherry says a CSR working group has also been established. “The group has three board directors on it and a selection of interested people from all over the business. We meet every six weeks or so.

“I chair that meeting and I’m determined that it’s not done on minutes. It’s done on actions. We agree what actions are going to happen, who’s going to do them and then we report back that they’re complete.”

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