FDs’ verdict on HMRC: exclusive survey

Her Majesty?s Revenue & Customs hasn?t had it easy of late. Rocked by suspect deals with corporate taxpayers, facing Parliamentary criticism for service standards and lack of leadership ? and now facing a major overhaul of the tax system ? it?s likely the taxman will want any crumb of comfort it can get.

So perhaps HMRC won?t be too upset to learn that the UK?s FDs think it distinctly average.?

According to a snapshot of current responses to the FDs? Satisfaction Survey ? which Real Business is running in association with ICAEW ? nearly half of senior financial decision-makers give it a neutral three-out-of-five for satisfaction over the past year.

A quarter of respondents have given it positive marks ? fours and fives ? outweighing those with more negative views.?

And the story is even better for the VAT man. Just 19 per cent of those who?ve completed the survey so far have a down on the VAT service from HMRC. It might not be the most resounding seal of approval ? but it?s a slight salve in the wake of the Public Accounts Committee?s claim?s of double standards from treating ordinary workers and small firms less favourably than large companies.

If you haven?t already, click here to complete the form (it takes about two minutes) ? and encourage your fellow financial decision-makers to make their voice heard, not just in their own boardrooms and among suppliers, but across the UK.

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