FDs working longer hours and avoiding paid leave

A survey from recruitment firm FD Recruit found that the average FD works regular 50-hour weeks and leaves an average of six days’ holiday entitlement unused.

Even when they do go away many are unable to switch off from work completely, with 81 per cent saying they are almost always contactable by phone and 64 per cent saying they take a work laptop with them.

Phil Scott, director of FD Recruit, said: ?To some, these survey results may not be a surprise, but seeing the figures in black and white does highlight what an unusual work-life balance many finance directors have.

?As long as finance directors take enough time away from work to recharge their batteries, flexible working and long hours can suit many driven individuals. Working late into the night on an international project may not be for everybody, but a well-organised finance director can mould this around their personal and family commitments.

?Finance directors are also very well compensated, and the holiday entitlement left unused is likely to be a reflection of how much extra time they are offered as part of their attractive remuneration packages.?

CFOs and those FDs with a global remit reported the longest working hours, an average of 61, but these roles are often the best-paid. In contrast FDs in the not-for-profit sector average 41 hours per week.

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