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Feeling the entrepreneurial startup vibe again

Any entrepreneur will tell you about how much they enjoyed the early days of setting their business up. Yes it can be hard you’re putting in long hours, maybe not even making very much money and also trying to recruit in order to grow your team. But, the startup vibe benefits outweigh all of this.

The culture is amazing in the early stages of starting up CV-Library, I used to love the small feel of the team and working so closely with every single member of staff in order to achieve our goals.

And that’s not to say we re not still run like a family business. I?m very much involved with all areas of the company and we are still fairly small in the grand scheme of things. But, we ve grown so rapidly in the past few years that we re heading towards being more of a corporate organisation and that’s a big step for us. It requires bigger investments in areas that we may not have thought about previously and also means that our in-house recruiters are busier than ever, filling roles across all major departments. I still can’t believe how far we have come.

On the other hand, when I?m over in Boston working with the Resume-Library team, the US office is very small and still has that startup vibe to it. I love going over there and working with the team, which is now made up of around ten employees. They?re a really talented bunch of people. Everyone is so excited and passionate about making the company a leading global brand. When I?m there it feels like the early days of CV-Library all over again. It’s a great feeling, and fantastic to be experiencing the journey for a second time.

It got me thinking and I can see why serial entrepreneurs exist now. Once you’ve seen one “baby” born, grow up, and do well for itself, it’s natural to get itchy feet and want to do it all over again. Thankfully for me, I can fill this void with Resume-Library. We have plans to take our global brand to every English-speaking country across the globe, so it will certainly keep me busy.


Plus, it’s important to remember that any business can have a startup vibe to it, as long as you’re willing to embrace this culture. For example, are you supporting, and listening to the contribution of new, innovative ideas from members of staff Is your senior management team in line with this way of thinking” These are the types of questions I’ve had to ask myself over the past few months and luckily for me the answers have been yes. But, some of my peers across the small business community haven?t been so fortunate and some companies are in danger of losing what made them so great to start with.

So that’s what’s been on my mind over the past month I?m currently writing this from my desk in the Boston office, where I?ll be sticking around for a few more days, most importantly for an early Christmas party with the US team. But I?m also excited to get back to the UK and celebrate the CV-Library team’s hard work over the past 12 months. See you in the New Year.

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