Female entrepreneurs leading the way on the high street

The research found that almost half of new retail, leisure and hospitality businesses are founded by women, compared to just 24 per cent when the survey was last carried out.

John Allan, national chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, said: “How fantastic to see more women in business; in particular taking a leading-role on UK high streets. The UK’s town centres look a lot different today than even five years ago. We really need to keep small businesses at the heart of the local community generating wealth, employment and opportunity.”

The research also found females are more likely to work for a micro business, with unemployed women only 75 per cent as likely to work for a business employing 11 to 249 people as for one which employs less than that.

Allan added: “We are witnessing a welcome change with more women entrepreneurs establishing businesses than at any time before. And it is striking how this trend seems to be speeding up since the recession – it shows many women have the guts and a real entrepreneurial spirit.”

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