Fifth of small business owners get their ideas on holiday

In a survey of 1,000 small business owners, all of which had been going for at least 5 years, some said their holidays gave them the opportunity to think, which gave them the idea they needed to start their own business.

Shaun Thomson, CEO of Sandler Training says that relaxation during a holiday is key. The more tense we are with day-to-day toil, the less likely we are to come up with fresh ideas.

He says: ?Having a rare moment to unwind can actually be the perfect time to think up a winning concept for a business idea.?

Daydreaming is known to trigger different types of thinking, which allow us to be more creative than when we’re focused, says cognitive neuroscientist Lynda Shaw. This in part accounts for improved creative thinking during a holiday.

The only remaining issue, then, is coming back.

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