Finding staff for a growing business

"Hiring a high calibre of people when you don’t have an office and you’re meeting them in Starbucks is a challenge,” Singh says. “It’s difficult convincing them to leave their plush, trendy offices in Soho.”

isango! is a website where people can buy experiences for when they’re on holidays such as a scenic flight over Sydney or dinner at the Eiffel Tower followed by a cruise down the Seine and a midnight show at the Moulin Rouge (popular with blokes trying to woo their ladies, according to Singh). The company was founded in October 2006.

Singh says he can offer would-be employees the chance to be part of an exciting internet startup in the passion-inducing field of travel. He adds: “They also get more confidence when they speak to others in the company.

“We also promise everyone that if they come on board in this time and help us build the company, they will have a stake in isango!" isango! closed its first round of funding in March, securing $8m from Spark Ventures (the group that invested in The company is expected to turn a profit next year but has already struck partnerships with big names such as Ryanair and Hertz.

And where are they based now? Singh laughs: "Soho."

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