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How do you fine tune the online ordering experience for wholesale customers?

How to fine tune the online ordering experience for wholesale customers

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In an age where the consumer demands instant results, it’s more important than ever to formulate and implement a customer journey that’s both simple to use and that yields quick outcomes.

As a wholesale business, you make money when retailers or consumers purchase your goods, so ensuring your conversion rate is as high as possible is key to a successful campaign. By streamlining both the browsing and purchasing experience, an increase in sales is not only probable, but repeat custom is also much more likely. 

UK-based premium fashion wholesale retailer B Girl Fashion has grown from strength to strength, currently shopping out to over 54 countries worldwide and supplying some of the largest brands both nationwide and internationally.

With daily new drops on site, the team not only pride themselves on meeting customer demand, but on their strong retention of customers, with thousands of account holders placing several repeat orders each and every week.  

For a wholesale business to be successful, managing the customer journey is central to customer experience and, ultimately, conversion rate and overall revenue. By carefully considering a selection of key steps, the ability to streamline the fundamental narrative of a customer’s experience throughout the online sales funnel should prevail. 

Clear and concise categories 

Often, retailers know what they are looking for, are short on time, and want a quick solution in order to supply demand. So designing a site that’s clear, concise and easy to navigate makes for a much more streamlined shopping experience.

By ensuring the categories on site are as separated and clear as possible, customers can easily access what they desire in a fast-paced manner. Filters are also extremely important in wholesale consumer behaviour, as often customers will be searching for specific items, in specific sizes and shades, and filters ensure that you’re able to offer this quickly and effectively. 

Easy and no-hassle payment system 

When it comes to making purchases online, the checkout is no doubt the more notorious “make or break” stage of a customer journey and can make all the difference between a sale or no sale.

One-step checkouts are proving particularly popular thanks to their ability to simplify the process, reduce the number of required clicks to purchase, reduce page loading time when compared to utilising a variety of pages across the checkout process, and provide a more streamlined and professional experience for the user.

The addition of a “remember payment method” option within each individual account provides the opportunity for repeat custom and enables an even faster processing period come the next order. In a time when we want results in an instant, any opportunity to speed up the purchasing process is a positive. 

Fast and reliable delivery service 

Providing a reliable shipping service is certainly a good starting point when building a positive business relationship, and delivery is one of the main areas of focus that can make or break a successful deal. 

Consider the consignment carrier. By ensuring that the carrier utilised has a favourable reputation, you’re much more likely to instil confidence in prospective customers. Offer delivery that is extremely time efficient because quick turnaround is often necessary within the wholesale industry.

Ideally, look to offer a “dispatched same day” cut-off point each day. It’s also a good idea to keep delivery costs as low as possible, so offering deals or incentives can certainly improve cart conversion. 

Make pre-ordering available  

Pre-orders are not only a great marketing technique thanks to their ability create a buzz and gauge interest around a specific launch or product, they’re also a fantastic way to ensure your wholesale customers are happy with their purchasing experience.

If an item is currently out of stock, but you’re well aware that it’s due to come back, it’s advisable to keep the item live on site, and offer a pre-order option. By setting up a pre-order section within each customer account, the customer is able to keep track of when their additional orders may be expected to arrive on site. 

Excellent customer service 

In order to ensure your customers are not only pleased with their experience, but are secured as repeat purchasers, customer service is key. Retailers and consumers alike require the option to quickly and easily reach the wholesaler, to answer any important queries and solve any impending dilemmas.

No matter how strong a site is built, how simple a checkout process is or how easy a customer journey is overall, nothing brings back customers like brand loyalty. By ensuring customers have a range of options in order to get in touch, whether it’s through a contact form, direct dial or through social media, you’re much more likely to provide a memorable shopping experience. 

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