Firms spark seismic shift to social media

The giant ‘fast moving consumer goods’ firms have declared their intent to halt work on websites created for specific marketing campaigns in favour of drawing fans to their brands’ dedicated spaces on social media websites.

In further evidence of the change, Coca-Cola published a guide to ‘engaging with social media audiences’ for its 92,400 employees, confirming that its reputation is now the responsibility of all staff, not just marketing and PR execs.

Prinz Pinakatt, the Coca-Cola Company’s interactive marketing manager for Europe, said: "We would like to place our activities and brands where people are, rather than dragging them to our platform."

Smaller businesses, with smaller budgets for explosive online campaigns, are likely to jump at the chance to follow suit. Firms can set up dedicated areas on sites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for free.

Cheryl Calverley, Unilever UK’s senior global manager for Axe Skin, said: "It’s natural online to go to the place where people are already consuming media. It’s less effort to ask people to leave an environment they’re already in."

According to online bible New Media Age, Coca-Cola will employ its official Facebook and YouTube pages as the lead online channels for upcoming international activity for its Coke Zero and Fanta campaigns.

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