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Five alternative corporate away days to shake things up

Corporate away days encourage employees to demonstrate their willingness to learn new skills and show a companies care about an individual’s broader development. 

A corporate away day can be organised for any number of reasons and to meet a variety of objectives, but ultimately it should benefit both the employees and the business. Individuals should not only enjoy the activity, but learn something from it, which they can then apply with results back in their working environment.

Stuntman training

The fun bit:

Youve probably watched all the bar-room brawls, shootings and spectacular stunts expertly choreographed in the movies and wondered just how it’s done. Well now there is the opportunity to join a hands-on workshop on the various fascinating and exciting aspects in the life of a Hollywood stuntman. 

Held at the legendary Pinewood Studios, where James Bond and countless other blockbusters have been filmed, this day includes the group being trained by the men responsible for those show stopping stunts. The central theme of the course will be the knock ’em down, drag ’em out fight scene, the backbone of any good action movie. 

By the end of the day the team have insider secrets on how to fire a variety of semi-automatic and automatic guns and smash bottles over people’s heads.

The corporate angle:

A corporate away day like this might be action packed and thrilling on the surface, but it can also help achieve a number of outcomes with positive effects not only on the individuals of the team, but on the business too. 

An activity like this would be perfect for developing trust between employees, improving focus and boosting confidence. A corporate away day that can help implant courage can lead to individuals having more self-esteem in order to cope with different situations at work better. 

This type of event could be perfect to help individuals feel confident about embracing an upcoming change, encourage them to be more decisive in decision making or be a great way to introducing new staff to the team after a recent recruitment drive.

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BBQ masterclass

The fun bit:

An extravaganza of smoke, fire, food, and camaraderie an exciting opportunity for any team to fully learn and understand the art of barbecuing in a fun and friendly way.

This BBQ class takes place under the supervision and guidance of a barbecue expert who was crowned the British barbecue champion three times and has even cooked for the Queen. 

In this unique “Hells Kitchen” style event, groups will be split up into teams and BBQ battle against each other to cook up something special. With expert tuition, each group prepares to design and create a range of unique dishes for three delicious courses, all of which (including desserts) will be cooked on the BBQ.

The corporate angle:

Food is a great way to bring people together and this event is all about having fun and interacting with colleagues and learning new skills. For businesses that love to inspire creativity, create a culture of fun competitiveness or want to provide a focus on skills such as planning, organisation and delegation, this type of activity could work perfectly. 

It could suit a company that wants teams to understand that despite working separately, they are working towards a shared goal or to showcase the importance of prioritising and timing, if a group is about to enter their busiest quarter.

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