Five billion-dollar companies that built powerful employer branding

(2) Hulu ? How to expand rapidly without jeopardising brand culture

Hulagan life ??have you got a nickname for your employees?
Hulu ambassadors Jessica Wheeler (talent acquisition manager) and Mike Rocco (internal communications manager) took to the stage to talk about Hulu?s employer brand.

Growing exponentially year on the year, Hulu found itself in a state of flux, as headcount continued to soar and demand for top talent increased. With offices shooting up in new states and cities, Hulu needed to maintain a core identity if it was to remain true to its founding Silicon Valley principles.

Hulu?s defined core culture values alongside an organic, evolutionary roadmap that would position the company for success.

Hulu?s Talent and Organisation team, better known as TAO, recruited some of the best minds in storytelling, social media, sourcing and data. Such an eclectic mix of talent helped to fuel the creation of Hulu?s employer brand: ?Powering Play.?

With this employer brand identified, the company could use it as a guiding force to direct and inform hiring decisions. What?s more, it allowed Hulu to create a messaging framework that told their brand story in words that would be understood by their star, ideal candidates.

Social media helped to amplify and solidify brand message across a number of different channels, remaining consistent in tone and structure.

It?s not just reputation that employer branding can save ? the firm on the next page is saving over ?4.4m each year with it.

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