Five corporate event ideas to give staff members a festive fattening

The dream for any business organising their corporate event is something that rewards employees for their hard work while being fun and memorable. 

Food and drink is often a great thing to base your corporate event around as it?s inclusive and doesn?t require any ?forced fun?. 

At Allens Catering Equipment & Furniture Hire, we have spent years working with caterers and planners to organise flawless events in both the corporate and private arenas.

During this time, we?ve picked up a few tips on what works well at corporate events and have put together some suggestions that you could work into your next one as an alternative to a formal dinner.

1. Wine tasting

Wine tasting can be a fun experience for many people, giving them the chance to learn something new while enjoying some beautiful wines from around the world. It can really get your employees talking too, as they discuss what they like and what they don?t.
And if you?re concerned about people drinking on an empty stomach, you can look at food and wine pairing experiences that allow you and your employees to discover which grape varieties match well with particular foods. 

Again, this really gets people chatting as they discuss whether that Carm?n?re worked best with the cured ham or the aged stilton.

Bear in mind employees who don?t drink alcohol if planning this type of event.

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2. Tapas

Tapas is another great way to get people talking at your corporate event. The Spanish cuisine?s ever-growing popularity in the UK means that it?s sure to be a hit with your employees ? particularly if you serve a mix of popular and more unusual dishes instead of a more traditional main course at dinner.

The nature of tapas and its small plate format means that people are encouraged to share and try new things which, of course, keeps the conversation flowing. 

It also helps to avoid the issue of people not liking the food they?re served since, if they don?t like one dish, they can try another.

Continue reading on the next page for how to awaken the inventive bar hosts within your staff or the more civilised approach you can take to help family commitments.

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