Five corporate event ideas to give staff members a festive fattening

3. Cocktail masterclasses

Cocktails are, once again, right on trend and so a cocktail masterclass can be a fun way for your employees to learn more about them while producing a signature drink of their very own.

Organise an event where your employees will learn all about the different spirits, mixers and garnishes and how they combine to make delicious classic cocktails.?

The best bit is that they get to drink the fruits of their labour at the end and it will really get everyone mingling and chatting to each other.

This can even be inclusive for those who don?t drink alcohol as they could produce their own mocktails.

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4. BBQ

A BBQ can be another great way to get people talking and mingling while giving them something great to eat. 

The much more informal setting will keep people relaxed and, again, it solves the issue of people being stuck with a meal they won?t enjoy.

You should definitely dispel any myths of BBQs being boring too. Opt for a great BBQ chef who can make gourmet burgers and hot dog that are a million miles away from the more conventional meat-in-a-bun.

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5. Afternoon tea

If many of your employees have family commitments or a long commute that might make an evening function difficult, opt for an afternoon tea event instead. Again, these are extremely on-trend right now and give a fun, informal environment.

Serve tea and coffee along with sandwiches and a selection of cakes, as well as a glass of fizz for a touch of indulgence. Opt for a vintage look for the overall theme and encourage your staff to get dressed up ? just because it?s in the daytime doesn?t mean it has to be dull!

When planning your corporate event, remember that food and drink are great at bringing people together, but that you shouldn?t be restricted by the idea of a sit-down three-course meal. 

There are so many other ways to reward your staff for their hard work so remember to discuss your ideas with your caterer or event planner to see what can be achieved.

Terry McGuinness is the commercial manager at Allens Catering Equipment & Furniture Hire

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