Five key business decisions you need to make for a successful Christmas

4. How can I offer exceptional customer service

The quality and quantity of e-marketing material has become increasingly important when it comes to customer service in recent years, and showcasing festive favourites through image-based and video gift guides can be a great way to enhance the experience.

However, keep in mind that you dont want to antagonise customers by sending out too much correspondence, so strategically plan communication timings to ensure maximum impact.

Our transatlantic cousins excel at customer service and with so many review sites and ways to proof a company on social media; it’s becoming just as vital here in Britain too. Benefit your business by making sure that your customer service team meet even the most difficult of demands and help customers to receive the service and journey they need.

5. What channels can I use to attract more business  

There sometimes seems to be more companies than ever all fighting it out for the same consumer pound so offering a service that resonates with your target audience and delivers a valuable message is critical.

At we use social media to talk to our customers and use it as an integral part of our Christmas campaign, rather than as an incidental channel. Schedule specialist content and offer a friendly and social atmosphere via social media to help build brand loyalty, customer retention and to help you find new customers.

Its worth remembering that for us retailers, every day is Christmas Day. More true now than ever before as the summer passes and the season of tiding and joy is well and truly upon us.

Matthew Rogers is head of search at Manchester-based online gift retailer

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