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Five killer tips to boost your SEO

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As the internet has evolved over recent years, the need to appear high up on internet search pages has developed as well. This has led to an increase in paid-for listings, too, which are highlighted in search results.

But paid-for listings aren’t good enough: the majority of internet users prefer natural search results, meaning that SEO has rapidly developed into a marketers “must have” tool for driving their e-commerce. 

What measures can business owners take to pro-actively improve their search engine rankings? 

Here are five killer tips to help maximise your company’s potential:

Tip 1: Create great content that your visitors will want to tell others about 

Anyone can hire an SEO agency, but they can only work with what they?re given. Strong website content containing the keywords you wish to be found for, along with unique descriptions of products and services, will make you stand out from your competitors and encourage repeat traffic to your website. 

It is also critical to ensure that there is no duplicate content and that all parts of the website are accessible to search engines as it can make all the difference.

Tip 2: Take the time to learn about Google Analytics and E-Commerce Tracking

Understanding your visitor behaviour will save you time and money and let you focus on the areas that really matter. Set goals that track performance and monitor it closely. Use multi-channel funnels and get to grips with the basics of attribution modelling to gain a more accurate picture of your ROI.

Through E-Commerce Tracking you can then identify the keywords and sources that are the most popular. Any Adword campaign you are also running should be integrated into your Google Analytics account so you can see the difference and detail between paid and organic traffic. Many companies make the elementary mistake of not integrating these!  

Tip 3: Make sure Google Webmaster Tools are in place 

This will allow you to identify issues, monitor ranking performance and submit a site map directly to Google. A sitemap is the structure and hierarchy of your website and allows all of your pages to be searchable on an individual basis making content much more accessible.

Tip 4: Don?t be generic when choosing your keywords 

Select phrases that describe your company, products and services directly. Search rankings will improve more rapidly as a consequence and conversion of traffic to sales will increase as the accuracy of the keywords will ensure that users arriving at your site have been directed to exactly the kind of content they are looking for.

Tip 5: Remember videos and blogs

If you have additional online assets like a blog or videos, make sure you make the most of this by optimising them as well as encouraging social media engagement wherever possible, through twitter ‘shares?, Facebook ?likes” or Pinterest ?pins?.

Getting as familiar as possible with the bare bones of SEO activity is an essential survival tactic for business owners and without allocating time to understanding what’s involved, it will become far more difficult to readily compete.

Alex Wares is managing director of SEO agency Mediarun.



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