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Five reasons business leaders need team support

However there is another key factor that is essential for business leaders to enable an increase in sales, profit and growth team support.

Teamwork can be hard as it’s difficult to get individuals to put the good of the team above what they see as good for them. The first step as a business leader is to acknowledge your limitations as an individual.

Imagine a team as a chain if one link in the chain breaks so does the teamwork, so it is vital that you are honest about your individual weaknesses.

As business leaders, we can reap huge benefits when we use employee motivation to build a powerful team support.

Vivek Chadha of Nine Group owns and operates hotels in London and in major cities around the UK. Nine Group’s growth rate has led to their establishment as one of the fastest private hotel companies in the UK, currently employing over 800 people.

So what does Vivek credit for the company’s phenomenal success” Crucially, it is the team support:

“I have many stakeholders who without whom our success would not be possible as they?ve provided me so much team support over the years,” he said.

“They believe in us because we have consistently shown we can deliver. Our growth rate has been one of the fastest in the country and we have a great relationship as a franchiser as a result of this. ?

Here are five reasons why business leaders need team support:

(1) To create a learning organisation

A ?learning organisation” is a buzz phrase which is used to describe an organisation which facilitates learning to encourage continual transformation and growth. By learning new skills, each individual will grow and develop, push the boundaries of their comfort zone and bring back and share new skills which benefit the team as a whole.

(2)Two heads are better than one!

Actually, you need more than just two heads. In fact, you need to be tapping into the powerful combination of a whole team of extraordinary people to be a successful business leader. Your skills in a team complement each other even the best editors get someone else to proofread their work.?

(3) Persistence?

Teamwork sometimes doesn’t work however that doesn’t mean that you don’t work with that team again. There are all kinds of factors which can lead to success or failure. One thing is for sure your whole team will be able to learn from any failure and this will only make the team support stronger.

(4)Energy it’s catching!

Team discussions and debates can inspire creative energy. The excitement you feel for a project or a great result can be shared and influence the rest of the team towards positive thinking.

Any differences within the group can also add to the energy. This in turn can influence clients as they chat to the team members. It’s infectious.

(5) Honesty and trust

If you are all honest as about your strengths and weaknesses you can see where to best delegate work and where you need more development and training. Trust is vital as a foundation for your team as team members collaborate they need to share ideas without fear of conflict.

Team members need to develop accountability. You must able to vocalise things that might be counterproductive for the good of the team.

So how can you establish a strong and productive team support?

Create a shared purpose

This helps the team see themselves as part of collective. Create SMART goals that everyone can work towards as a team Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Define the individual roles so that the part they play in the team is clear

Affirm the different skills that the individuals are bring to the table and praise their diversity.

Encourage employee engagement and motivation?

It is well known that employee engagement increases productivity. Make sure that your team is aligned with your business goals and objectives by making sure they are engaged with the business to do their best.?

Employee engagement is about employees looking forward to seeing the team and wanting to help to the best of their ability. You can increase employee engagement by making them feel valued as a team member, encouraging friendships in the workplace and making sure they are happy in the workplace.

Provide feedback?

Giving regular feedback increase a sense of motivation for learning and development. Providing feedback on personal performances and how the business is doing helps the team feel valued.?

Observe natural relationships and ask who your employees want to work with

There has been recent research which suggests that employees who already have a rapport with each other work more effectively, so this is worth taking into consideration.

Holly Barry is digital PR executive at Distinctly

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