Five reasons self-employment is great for women

(3) It takes the pressure off having kids ?

I don’t actually have children, but I have many women friends who do, and having kids is often one of the main reasons why they feel they haven?t progressed in their careers as much as they?d have liked.

Being employed by someone else can often feel like you have to choose between your job or the kids, and if you choose the kids it can often seem like you’re not taking your job seriously enough.

But when you’re self-employed, you don’t have to answer to people in this way, and you can choose to put either your job or your kids first as and when you need to (for example during school holidays). This makes self-employment the killer combo for modern mothers. Result.


(4) It fosters creativity and business success

How many times have you been stuck in an office with a complete lack of energy and inspiration?

Conventional business set-ups are now widely recognised to dampen productivity, and sadly many firms are taking their time to catch onto this. When you’re self-employed, you have the flexibility to give your mind the freedom it needs to make good business decisions.

Women are notoriously more concerned by what other people think of them than men are (although this phenomenon is definitely more down to culture than it is nature).

This means that we often make decisions based on our perception of others” opinions as opposed to what’s best for us in the context of our job for example staying at our desks for longer than we should do.

Self-employment is therefore the dream gig for women: having the freedom to dictate your own workload without judgement completely rids us of that pesky (and time-consuming) anxiety.

Feeling lethargic If you have no meetings and nothing’s urgent, you can go for a run or a change of scene.

Less on your to-do list than usual” You can openly do something different or give yourself a break, without the judgemental presentee-ism of everyday office politics.

(5) Pay gap” Try pay rise

With studies showing that women are still lagging behind in the gender pay wars, self-employment does a lot to rectify this problem. Simply put, we are in charge of our own wages: if we manage to generate the business, we get to pocket the cash.

Ladies, what more could you want?

Monika Juneja is the self-employed founder and MD of her consulting firm, Fortitude Dynamics

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