Five reasons to employ a graduate

“A graduates” are a sacred breed. They are focussed, intelligent and driven – they know what they want and will not stop until they achieve their goals. Therefs an employer you have pick of the bunch, as these graduates have been hit hard by the recession and are job hungry.

Here are five ways an “A graduate” can add value to your business:

  • Solid skills. Now this only applies if they have a worthwhile degre, not some Mickey Mouse degree that was an excuse to put off real life, go to university and spend more time in the local bar than in lectures. Unless their degree is directly related to your business,make sure they have acquired worthwhile skills. For example, although a history graduate may not know a lot about your business or industry, the written, analytical and research skills they will have acquired during their degree would make training and development a quick and fruitful process.
  • Driven. Although your offer is more than likely to be their first job, it should not be their first experience of the work place. An “A graduate” will have found work experience to supplement their studies and help them stand out to employers. However, as their first employer, you have the opportunity to direct and mould them to your company, and provide a challenging career path for them within your business, which will allow them to channel their determination effectively. In return, their experience will ensure they not only know a good company when they find one, but the difference between a good day’s work and life as a coach potato.
  • Good investment. It is a well-known fact that graduates are cheaper than more experienced individuals. Yet it is also well-known that they are likely to rise up the ranks due to their skills. An”A graduate” will grow with your company, so while investing in them, you are also investing in your business’s future.
  • Fresh thinking. An “A graduate” can bring innovative thinking and new perspective to your business. They aren’t infected by the usual negativity of “we tried that and it didn’t work”. Instead they rethink and try again! It is refreshing, invigorating, and can add a fresh dynamic to the workplace. Adding a young graduate to your company can add a fresh dynamic to the workplace. You can buddy up your grad with a more mature member of your team. This will encourage team cooperation and allow mutual dissemination of knowledge throughout your workforce.
  • Double-up. One “A graduate” is great, but two make a terrific team. In my experience, hiring two graduates means they not only support one another, but bounce off each other and are more likely to succeed.
It’s time SMBs took advantage of the vast pool of graduate talent out there. Grab yourself an “A graduate” and add a new dimension to your business. With more and more university students embarking upon work experience whilst studying, graduates are proving themselves to be the smart choice for recruiting businesses.

Dominic Monkhouse is managing director of PEER 1 Hosting

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