Five reasons you should hire freelancers

The process of recruiting new staff can be tense, long, draining on time and once someone is hired ? there is the training, the process of fitting in and the ongoing need for performance. Freelancers therefore can offer a great alternative.

Here are five reasons why you should consider freelancers when you?re thinking of hiring:

(1) Ultimate professionals

Most freelancers have been at the sharp end of their trade for a long time and experienced more working environments than employees that have stayed in one company.

Surviving as a freelancer is hard to impossible if you are not professional. Freelancers can?t have many bad days or they?ll be ditched, so they tend not to waste time when they are commissioned. They get hired by the quality of their work samples and clients.

The difference between a freelancer and an employee is that freelancers know that if they don?t do work, they simply don?t get paid. Now that is motivation! They prove themselves with results, not talk ? and they know if they fail they will not get rehired.

It is often a commission by commission arrangement and impressing the hell out of clients is something that freelancers try to do so they can secure the next gig.

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(2) Motivated to survive

Whilst some employers may be concerned that freelancers are at arm?s length and out of sight, wasting time perhaps, this perception could hardly be further from the truth. Freelancers work all hours and odd hours to get things done.

They don?t have the luxury of personal interactions to cosy up and feel comfortable with their feet under the table at work. There aren?t always water cooler jokes and pub outings that can sway opinion. They strive to meet the brief and often over-service clients to get the right results.

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