Five reasons you should hire freelancers

(3) Cost effective

This is a big plus and a major reason to hire freelancers. Whilst a day rate may be more than an employee day wage for a good freelancer there are no recruitment fees, you pay when the job is done, there is no insurance, no holiday pay, no retirement fund, no pay rise demands, no office equipment to set up and, dependent on the arrangement no expenses either. Freelancers are not only convenient but they are cost effective.

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(4) Plug-in workers for projects

The great thing about freelancers is that they can plug in and plug out of companies when required so there is no dead time, every days work is meaningful. There is rarely a months notice or gardening leave to consider it’s a job-by-job, or ongoing month-by-month agreement and anything in-between.

Some clients try before they buy, by commissioning a freelancer for a small project before committing to an on-going arrangement. Could you do that with staff Probably not.

(5) Fresh ideas

When you bring in newbies who have not been indoctrinated into a work culture and potentially smothered with the expected way of doing things or seeing things, then you can get surprisingly fresh ideas.

Sometimes freelancers see obvious flaws or opportunities that have been missed. As they are hired for their knowhow they are less afraid to have opinions if they prove helpful.

They come to the table with new eyes to see your company and what it needs to improve. This harks back to freelancers having multiple clients and broad experience. It is common for freelancers to cross-pollinate ideas from companies where the right way or a good methodology is identified.

They have seen what works and does not work in other companies and can bring that experience to the fore.

Richard Forsyth is the director of Find a Creative Pro a free website for hiring creative freelancers.

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